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Park Avenue Therapies and Fitness began with a simple idea: To help injured and impaired people restore their health. Rhonda Johnson, Founder of Park Avenue Therapies and Fitness, Inc., grew her business from being a provider of physical and exercise therapy to become a full-service fitness center serving the people of Cloquet and surrounding communities.

Today, Park Avenue Therapies and Fitness is the first choice for people seeking physical therapy to restore their strength and range of motion. Athletes come here to develop strength and stamina to excel at their sports and regain their edge after an injury. Others come to stay fit, maintain their good health and build their strength using the latest fitness machines and free weights. Some come to relax in our heated indoor swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna. Families and other groups have a blast renting our pool and hot tub area for private parties for all occasions. All are welcome!


You don’t have to have an injury or be an athlete to enjoy the many benefits of Park Avenue Therapies and Fitness. All you need is the desire to become or

remain healthy and fit, and have a good time in the process. Meet your friends, and make new friends, at Park Avenue Therapy and Fitness. We’ll help you look and feel great!


Good Living Begins at Park Avenue

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