Hatha Yoga Foundations

May 19th- June 16th

10:30 - 11:30am or 12:00-1pm

5 classes per session

Cost: $30

Level - All levels are welcome but focus will be on beginner. We will progress and add onto poses throughout the 5 weeks, as I see fit.

Props: Yoga mat is required. Yoga blocks and a blanket are recommended. 

Please contact Katie Swanson or 507-398-9182 with questions concerning the class or props. 

Class limit to 5 students. (you must pay upon sign up)

This class is designed to break down the foundations of yoga postures, allowing time to deepen awareness in the body and mind as we link breath and movement. We use an internal focus to bring calm and consciousness to the mind. We will work through seated (floor) and standing postures. We will be moving through some postures that are weight bearing on hands and knees. There will be options to modify or advance poses depending on your level. It is always encouraged to listen to your body and avoid or modify poses when needed. We will end class with a well-deserved relaxation to integrate all the work we did and bring balance to the body. 

Class Descriptions