All athletes strive to excel at their sport. We give you the winning edge with sports training and certified therapy specialists skilled at conditioning, training, and injury prevention techniques. Park Avenue


Therapists and Trainers work with parents, coaches and physicians to develop and treat hardworking athletes.


Whether your sport is hockey, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, kayaking, or most any other sport, we will keep you fit and healthy to achieve maximum performance on or off the field. 


Call Park Avenue Fitness to learn about group and individual training sessions.


We Train Winners

Are you having difficulties maintaining a fitness program, or don’t even know where to begin? You are not alone - and we can help! Our ACE Certified Personal Trainers can direct, motivate, and


inspire you to achieve your fitness goals faster than you thought possible, at prices that are less than you'd think.


Our Personal Trainers have a winning plan to help you develop a personalized fitness program:

  • Identify your goals 

  • Assess your fitness level 

  • Develop your personalized workout plan 

  • Train and educate in safe and effective exercise techniques 

  • Decrease body fat and weight 

  • Decrease levels of anxiety, tension, stress, depression and increase relaxation 

  • Motivate you to achieve a healthy lifestyle


We work with people of all ages and abilities. The only requirement is the will to succeed in meeting your fitness goals!

1 session: $42.50 / 6 sessions: $240.00


Motivation Produces Results

Check out these amazing results!

Meagan has lost 80 lbs with the help of a personal trainer at Park Avenue!

Angela will be running Grandma's Half Marathon this year.

This will be her first half marathon! 

Meet our Fitness Staff

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Robyn Raushel


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Silver Sneaker Certified Aerobics and Aquatics classes




Charlene Heule


Certified Athletic Trainer, Master of science in Kinesiology

Joe Sandstrom

Personal Trainer

Rachel Hammond


NCSF Athletic Trainer