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Feeling Great at Park Avenue

"As an athletic teenage girl and violin player, I was really troubled by back pain. I went to Park Avenue and right away the therapist noticed it had a lot to do with posture. In a really short time I had a good idea how to help myself improve my condition. It was really nice, sort of fun and a big relief "

- Sarah 


“Coming to Park Avenue is more than just a workout. It starts with the friendly welcome I receive from the staff. As I’m doing a couple sets on the machines there are always people I know to visit with. After working out spending some time in the hot tub, sauna, and pool is the perfect way to relax. Thanks Park Avenue for helping me take good care of my body.”

- Bob

“I’ve been coming to Park Avenue for years to work on the machines and use the treadmill and stairmaster. The physical benefits are enormous, but I also like talking to my friends while I’m here. Park Avenue really helps me stay healthy while working a physically demanding job.”

- Jason


“I had a knee injury a few months back. Coming to Park Avenue for therapy and exercise has really helped speed my recovery. I feel much better now with the help of my Physical Therapist and the support of everyone at Park Avenue during my recovery.”

- Jean

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